Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me Potty Training Would Be This Frustrating!

TMI Warning - If you don't feel like reading about tee tee, poo poo, bottoms, backsides and wiping techniques, then move along!

Little did I know when my mother-in-law so helpfully handed me Toilet Training In Less Than A Day of the ordeal me, my husband and my toddler would be in for over not just that next 24 hours, but the next six months (and counting). I've come to find out that potty training doesn't involve just the wee one (pun intended) still in diapers, but the entire family unit.

And, needless to say, none of us mastered the process in a day.

It's taken a good six months to get my daughter comfortable enough to use the potty by herself - and I'm talking just #1 here. We've gone through various stages - scared of the flushing noise, to needing assistance from anyone nearby, and finally to "I'm going to do it all by myself" but five seconds later my presence is requested. It's exhausting!

She is still having trouble with #2, and it's having a trickle-down effect, leaving me and my husband frustrated at having to wipe her backside, throw away unusable panties, and wash an inordinate amount of bottoms.

Here's how it goes, as my daughter likes to preface many of her statements these days:
She exhibits a few tell-tale signs that the time for a bm is drawing near: her eyes redden or water, she begins to run around the house, hides and/or becomes unusually quiet, or crosses her legs. Then we know it's time to strip off everything below the waist so that she will REALLY know she has to go. But often we miss the signs and don't get to her in time, and end up cleaning a poopy mess.

We've tried bribes of course, and taking things away like tv, trips to the playground and library, etc., but nothing seems to be getting through to her. And with a newborn expected in a matter of weeks, I really want to nip this in the bud ASAP!

Does anyone out there in the blogosphere care to share some wisdom with me about this? Many moms have shared advice on Mamapedia, and I'm hoping I can gather more. It would be much appreciated, by everyone in the family!

If you are also in the market for advice, I highly recommend this video from Dad Labs, called Potty Training Stinks. Hilarious!

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