Thursday, October 30, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

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Bailout. Recession. Crash. Depression. Election. While these words do have some meaning to me, as a full-time working mother, their trickle-down effects are having far more of an immediate impact on my family than the headlines and sometimes confusing explanations of partisan pundits would have us try to believe. And this confusion has only resulted in more confusion and anxiety at the regular guy (aka Joe the Plumber) level.

I'm faced with gas prices that are prohibitive, forcing me to decide whether to make the hour-long trip to the grandparents, or conserve fuel so that I can definitely get to work next week. A gallon of milk upward of $5 or $6 - or more if, like me, you opt for organic. The impending gloom that my natural gas bill will bring as the weather gets cooler and our house gets warmer. And the overall fear that my bank - in which what's left of my savings is placed - will go out of business.

And during all this mess, I am supposed to figure out who I want to supposedly get us out of this mess? Fat chance. I've got dinner to assemble, laundry to do, preschool runs to make and a profession to keep up. I'm hoping that I'll have time to make an "educated decision" based on more than just the latest SNL skits with Tina Fey.

My husband, who is still not sure if he will vote, keeps asking how I am going to choose. I vaguely answer, "research," each time. But what, really, does this mean?

It means, go to the worldwide Web, of course! Since everything I've ever read on the Internet is true, I'll trust its resources to help me make an educated decision.

The Candidate Calculator on helps me to realize that Ralph Nader is the man for me - with Barack Obama running a distant third behind the Green Party's Cynthia McKinney. But wait, didn't Nader drop out of the race ages ago? offers a number of sites to visit to help me make this important decision, since "This election will probably be one of the toughest for people to decide who to vote for because of the sheer number of candidates, especially the number of star power candidates like Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Rudolph Giuliani." Obviously not the most updated of pages. But seriously, it does list a number of helpful sites such as:

* 2008 Presidential Election Candidates on the Issues

* Project Vote Smart

* Connect 2 Elect

And while some may be more up-to-date than others, they all offer helpful insight into the issues each candidate stands behind.

It's no secret that other moms are facing the same who to vote for dilemma. There is a lively discussion going on between Atlanta moms at Issues of greatest importance seem to be taxes, health care and education.

I definitely have more research to do. Thank goodness for Google!

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